The world's first mobile game
where playing cards are 1 billion cars
around the globe

Z9 Project offers innovative gameplay which brings together
the offline and online space
into a single gaming environment

Turn your phone into
a spy device

  • Track down and photograph license plates on the streets of your city
  • Use these plates in exciting online battles against players
    from around the world
  • Challenge your friends to determine which of you is the best of the best
  • Perform secret missions
    in the world’s major cities
  • Always have your phone camera ready – you can come across
    the best plates at any time

Test your spy skills
in real life

Player feedback:

“I love this game! The idea of having to take pictures
of cars license plates  is really awesome”

“This is a very innovative idea with lots of potential”

“After playing Z9 Project, I will never look at a car in the same
way again”